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Measurement Guide

Step 1

Sketch out a floor plan of your existing room including location of doors, windows, and closets.  This does not have to be to scale, we’ll take care of that later.

Step 2

Measure all walls corner to corner and record this on your floor plan.

Step 3

Measure each wall in detail.

  • Start at one corner and measure the distance to the outside of the window casing.  Record on floor plan.
  • Measure window from outside casing to outside casing.  Record on floor plan.
  • Continue to the outside corner of this wall.
  • Do this for all walls.

Step 4

Include the following elements into your measurements from Step 3.

  • doors
  • windows
  • built-ins
  • radiators
  • wall sconces
  • power outlets
  • fireplace

Step 5

Include the following extra measurements.

  • ceiling height
  • window height
  • door height
  • fireplace height
  • placement of any ceiling light fixture

We know it’s a lot of measuring but we want to make sure everything fits perfectly.  We’d follow this exact process if we were onsite.